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Terms & Conditions Acceptance
You (the client), agree that you have read, agreed, and fully comprehend the material presented to you. You also agree that you AGREE to all terms and conditions once you check out, which gives consent that you have read, agreed, and fully comprehend this information.

Payment and Charges
You (the client) understand that in order for me to start any service, that you must pay in full the costs of any service that will be provided, there will be options to pay half when you pay for services over $400. You also understand that once the money is received the start of the project will begin and that refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

Artwork Information
The client agrees that they will give full details/ description to me, and they also understand that if they do not comply with this agreement, work cannot begin.

Turnaround Time
The client understands that they will receive their design in 5-10 days for Logo, E-flyer, Custom Illustration. If there shall be any additional delay in turnaround times, I shall provide information in regards of delay and come to an agreement with the client.

The maximum revision is 2x in each step, I will send process scratches, blocking, coloring, and finishing. If you want to change it again I can but there will be an additional charge for that.

Please also understand communication is key. Once you send information for any work, that’s when we’re able to begin working. Delayed responses for design work can affect artwork turnaround.

Send Files
Upon completion of the project, you will get file format JPG, and PNG Transparent. All file work is sent finalised via email or wetransfer. Any questions please let me know.

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